About Blott

People ask us - what is a blott?

Well, a blott is your individual mark. Your imagination, your impressions, your inspirations. Blott is your creativity, your thoughts, your personality.  Blott is all the things you are. And want to be.

Blott is a wonderful celebration of all things stationery.  Cool products.  Inspiring designs.  Vivid colours.

Blott is where fun and functional products come together to brighten up the day in every home, classroom or office.  Stationery you’ll love and love using.

Blott is Stationery Heaven.

In March 2011 our first store opened in Tunbridge Wells.  Now, nearly 3 years later, we have 15 stores and another one or two in the making.

We don’t have plans to take over the world but we do have plans to bring stationery heaven to many more high streets and shopping centres, so let us know if your town would benefit from a bit of Blott magic

Visit one of our 14 shops. Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, watch us on Instagram.  See you in Heaven!